Discover Your New Favorite Treats

Discover Your New Favorite Treats

Explore our large bakery menu in Vassalboro, ME

What's your favorite type of baked good? Maybe you're a pie person more than a cake person, or maybe you prefer a good cookie to all other pastries. Whatever you like, you're sure to find something delicious at Heavenly Delights Bakery.

Our bakery menu includes a wide selection of pastries, cookies, and more. You can return to old favorites like our signature coffee cake or try something new like our chocolate covered Oreos. Your options are endless at our bakery in Vassalboro, ME. Keep in mind while ordering, I require at least 10 days' notice for orders.

Check out our bakery menu to discover your new go-to treats.


10" Cheesecakes

$40.00 each

cherry, chocolate chip, pumpkin, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, lemon or strawberry

Petit Fours

1/2 lb box $20.00 or 1lb box $30.00


$18.00 per a dozen

Available flavors: frosted sugar, peanut butter, chocolate chip, lemon sugar, pumpkin chocolate chip, orange crisp, M & M, S'more, molasses, Reece's, snickerdoodles, raspberry thumbprints, chocolate drops, chocolate malt, pumpkin spice, oatmeal, white chocolate chip, chocolate mocha,

Mini Campfire S'more

$.95 each

Available in the summer only


$18.00 per dozen

Available flavors: classic, peanut butter, rocky road, cappuccino, orange, pumpkin swirl, cheesecake, raspberry swirl, mint, caramel, double chocolate, apple & turtle


$18.00 per dozen

Available flavors: raspberry citrus, toffee bars, peppermint bars, pumpkin pie squares, caramel nut bars, lemon bars, raspberry delights, blackberry bars, strawberry cheesecake bars, cherry crumb bars, blueberry bars, key lime bars, chocolate cherry bars


$15.00 each

Available flavors: apple, pumpkin, cherry, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, chocolate cream, orange meringue, lemon meringue, peanut butter, blackberry, banana cream, key lime, triple fruit, lemon custard, custard, coconut cream, strawberry chiffon, brownie fudge, peppermint candy cane

Jelly Rolls

$15.00 each

Available flavors: classic strawberry, chocolate, blueberry, chocolate mint, raspberry, pumpkin, , mocha, lemon, peanut butter, or peppermint


1/2 lb $7.00 1lb $12.00

Available flavors: chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate mint, peanut butter, butterscotch, cookies n' cream, pumpkin, candy cane

Our Signature Coffee Cake

$18.00 for a full sheet


$18.00 per dozen

Available flavors: blueberry, chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, lemon poppy seed, pumpkin, banana, pumpkin chocolate chip, raspberry, strawberry, mixed berry, pineapple, apple cinnamon, blackberry


$18.00 a dozen

Meringue Cookies

$6.00 per dozen

Available flavors: chocolate, lemon, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry, orange, peppermint, lime, fruit punch


$.95 each

Available flavors: apple cider, jelly, old fashioned, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, vanilla bean, chocolate peppermint, gingerbread, pumpkin

Mini Cakes

$7.00 each

Available flavors: Boston cream, chocolate raspberry

Whoopie Pies

$20.00 per dozen

Available flavors: classic, mint, pumpkin, strawberry, spice, vanilla bean, lemon, peanut butter, carrot, peppermint, red velvet, coconut, chocolate lovers, raspberry, key lime, banana or butterscotch

Cake Truffles

1/2lb box $12.00 1lb box $20.00

Cake truffles are a wonderful piece of heave. Cake and frosting rolled into a ball and dipped in chocolate! Who could ask for a better creation?
Available flavors: strawberry, lemon, orange vanilla, chocolate, banana, red velvet, raspberry, pumpkin, pink champagne, apple, pink lemonade, chocolate mint, key lime, gingerbread, candy cane, and chocolate malt.

Chocolate Bark

$1.50 each bag

Available flavors: pumpkin spice latte, peppermint candy cane, cotton candy, or m n' m

Chocolate covered Oreos

$18.00 per dozen


$8.00 per a loaf

Available flavors: pumpkin, chocolate, banana, gingerbread, apple cinnamon, banana chocolate chip, lemon poppy seed, chocolate orange

Chocolate covered strawberries

$2.00 each or $20.00 per dozen

Yule Log festive traditional holiday treat

$15.00 each

serves 12-15

Pumpkin Swiss Roll

$15.00 each

Pumpkin cake filled with our decadent cream cheese icing and dusted with powdered sugar.

Holiday Platters

Cookie Platter

$45.00 each

an assortment of our delicious cookies, 3 dozen cookies per a platter

Mini Tart Sampler

$30.00 each

Assortments can be made to accommodate any flavor, 2 dozen per a platter

Brownie & Bar Platter

$45.00 each

an assortment of our heavenly decadent brownies! 3 dozen per a platter

Yule Log

$15.00 each

Our light vanilla cake with rich chocolate buttercream, decorated as the traditional yule time holiday favorite!

We offer custom-designed delicious hand-decorated cookies.

Our cookies are perfect for birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, retirement, anniversary, get well, new baby, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's day, 4th of July, New Years, teachers, Boss's day Nurses Week, Just because, Thanksgiving, Weddings, Mother's day, Father's day. Just to name a few.

Our custom-designed cookies start at $2.50 per cookie and maybe more depending on the design you require.

We also make chocolate-covered Oreos. 1 dozen per box $18.00

Cookie decorating kits


10 cookies, 3 bags of icing, and sprinkles

Edible Print Cookies

$15.00 per dozen